Current aid trip to the Ukraine May 5th, 2022

Gert Pohl /  5 May 2022

Dear brothers and sisters, friends and pray-ers,

As of May 5th, 2022, our donation account has grown to €12,737.03 (plus the €91.30 remaining in the account after our last trip). We thank you and our LORD for blessing these trips in this way. We have therefore been able, as planned, to successfully complete the preparations for this trip.

In addition to you, those many donors from Germany who have already repeatedly supported our aid deliveries, a large proportion also comes this time from sisters and brothers from our churches in America and their mission arm Encompass World Partners. From them we have also received the indication of possible further support, for which we are very grateful.

So this Friday at around 6:00 p.m., accompanied by many prayers, we will drive back in the direction of Ukraine with our Sprinter-Van. This time we are fully loaded with medical bandages for the soldiers on the front lines which we will deliver to the churches and contact points in Chernivice as well as to the capital Kiev.  From a centrally cooridnated distribution point located in Kiev, the supplies will be distributed directly to the front.

We anticipate having time once again on Sunday to attend a church service with our fellow believers in the Chernivtsi area. And we are also pleased to be able to provide the small Baptist church in rural Anadoly with the sum of 2000.00€ to locally purchase food for soldiers at the front.  These supplies are regularly prepared by the ladies of the church and sent to their husbands on the front lines.

For this trip we have budgeted €11,000.00 (plus the remaining €91.03 in the cash box left over from the last transport). Once again we will use most of this money in the Metro-store in Chernivtsi to purchase food, hygiene products and other essential items - the very things that our brothers and sisters most need. The remaining funds in the account will be reserved for a future trip.

In particular, we are grateful that the 110 tourniquets (a device used to tie off limbs after gunshot wounds to stop bleeding) that we ordered in April arrived on time. These items were specifically requested by our Ukrainian friends. Even in Germany they have all been sold out, or (if you can get them at all) you pay €20-30.00 a piece. Tourniquets are part of every soldier's emergency equipment and save many lives from gunshot wounds or severed limbs.
I ordered these in April from China with a delivery date of May 6th for around €500.00, and we actually expected that they would probably not arrive in time for this transport.  Since we purchase a lot of our supplies from Asia and the supply chains are all disrupted, we know that the delivery dates are usually unrealistic.  But this time the complete shipment arrived last Wednesday, May 4th.  The quality is also good, which of course made us happy and gave us another reason to express our gratefulness to the Lord.

So we will load up the van early on Friday, then we have an appointment before 12:00 noon at customs, where we will obtain proper export documents. For items exported outside of Germany, we get the German VAT (value added tax) of 19% paid back from the tax office at the end of the year. This money will then be able to be used for further projects.

We thank you for all your prayers, donations and for supporting the needs of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. After our anticipated return next Wednesday or Thursday, 11th or 12th of May, we will report back to you with details of our trip.

Glory to HIM!



Donation status April 27, 2022 for the coming aid delivery on 5th of May 2022

Dear brothers and sisters, friends,

Thanks to you all. Our donation account status as of today is 8,037.03 euros.

We still need about €2000.00 by the end of next week to reach our goal of €10,000.00. For hemostatic wound dressings and for 100 tourniquets (these are devices that can be operated with one hand to tie off limbs) that we will purchase in Germany. We have a request for these items from our Ukrainian churches, who are regularly getting supplies to the soldiers.
In addition to the above we will again buy groceries and hygiene articles directly in Ukraine at lower prices.

Donation account: Life-project e.V.  VR-Bank Aalen Germany 
IBAN: DE40 6149 0150 0024 4140 00

Thank you for praying
All glory to HIM

We are planning our next trip to Ukraine, probably on Friday, May 06, 2022.

Life-Project e.V. will be on the road again, travelling from Germany with a step van full of supplies. As on the last trip, we will buy the urgently needed groceries directly in Ukraine, and we will leave part of the money with the Baptist congregation in Anadoli for this purpose. The women of this church provide food for their men on the front lines by preparing it and taking it directly to them, together with other relief supplies. We want to continue to support this church in these efforts.

Furthermore, we will again buy groceries in Czernovitze in the Metro (store name) and distribute them directly on site. As we did last time, we will be bringing medical wound dressings from Germany and, above all, hemostatic wound compresses. These special emergency supplies were requested by our churches in Ukraine, which take care of the soldiers directly on the front lines. Obviously, these life-saving emergency bandages are part of a soldier's personal protective equipment. They are urgently needed at the moment and are not sufficiently available.
We will try to procure these in Germany and will also provide more detailed information on this in the next few days.

Our Ukrainian brother Boris will accompany us again and guide us through the customs and border formalities. We are grateful that the Lord has placed a believing local brother at our side who knows the country well and coordinates activities and contacts locally.

Please pray with us that the contacts made will also prove themselves to be helpful on this trip and that the Lord can use it for his glory. The exact details will be worked out in the coming week and will be published in this blog in the next few days giving an update on the current status.

Here's another request: We need Ukrainian Bibles that we wish to take with us. There is also a hunger for God's Word in this country. We still have room to take along Bibles or other donated items such as clothes, blankets etc. However, we ask that you call Gert Pohl in advance on 0172 7300577 if you want to donate something.

After the final accounting from the last trip, there are currently only about 3,240.00 euros in the account. However, we have binding commitments that should be arriving in the next few days, so that, believing God will provide, we are reckoning on between €10,000.00 and €12,000.00 to be available for this upcoming trip planned May 6th, 2022.

At this point we would like to once again express our thanks to all donors on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Without people like you, on whose hearts God places this burden, none of this would be possible. We are making every effort to faithfully and directly apply all funds as efficiently as possible to the urgent needs on site.

Here is once again our donation account information:

Donation account: Life-project e.V. VR-Bank AA IBAN: DE40614901500024414000

Thank you for your prayers, gifts and donations!

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.
So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.
Galatians 6,9-10

All glory to HIM!

Announcement of the next supply trip

We are grateful for the relationships we have had so far and for the doors that have opened to us. We see that our work with these people serves to directly alleviate the need. And though we are a small participant in this struggle, we feel greatly blessed to share in this work.

We want to continue to maintain these open doors and the contacts to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. That is why we have pledged our continued support. Of course this will depend on the resources that are available to us. We ask you again today in the name of our suffering brothers and sisters in this troubled country.

We will set a date for the next trip shortly - as soon as we see that there are enough funds. We are aiming for an amount of approx. 10,000.00 euros. Please note that we cannot accept any relief supplies during the Easter week until April 25th, 2022. Our storage facility will not be open again until this date.

Clothes and blankets are preferred. We also have to buy any medical supplies for treatment of wounds in Germany. We don't need groceries or canned goods because we can buy groceries directly in Ukraine for less and without transport costs. We are asking you to donate money here so that we can shop locally. Prices for basic groceries are cheaper locally, and prices for other supplies are mostly very similar to our prices in Germany.

Donation account:: Life-project e.V. VR-Bank AA IBAN: DE40614901500024414000

Thank you for your prayers, gifts and donations!

After April 25th we will publish our current donation status here again.

All glory to HIM!

How were your donations used?

We have now fully settled accounts of our last trip and invested a total of 9253.63 euros of your donations as per your wishes and in accordance with the purpose statement in Life-project's statutes. All cash disbursements were applied directly to project costs. We do not calculate any labor costs, as all employees involved work on a voluntary basis.

The calculation in detail:



Cost breakdown Ukraine relief supply trip Life-project e.V 2-5 April,2022
Text Receipt-No. Date Amount excl. sales tax
Amount incl. sales tax Start / Left Over
Cash withdrawn from Life-Project donation account   03.29.22     8,000.00 € cash
OMEGA Sorg Groceries  No. 1031311311
1 04.01.22 1,097.06 € 1,173.85 € 6,826.15 € cash
Auto repair shop Spiegler tires for Vito Ukraine
2 03.29.22 231.60 € 275.60 € 6,550.55 € cash
Fuel receipt AA-JC-1111 Mercedes Sprinter
3 04.02.22 98.78 € 116.13 € 6,434.42 € cash
Vignette Austria
4 04.02.22 9.60 € 9.60 € 6,424.82 € cash
Vignette Hungary (7630 forints equals €21.00)
5 04.02.22 21.00 € 21.00 € 6,403.82 € cash
Refuel Hungary 29931 forints for 62.3 L
5-1 04.02.22 90.46 € 90.46 € 6,313.36 €  
Vignette Romania 14 RON
6 04.02.22 4.00 € 4.00 € 6,309.36 € cash
Refuel Romania 30.0395 liter, Paid with 50.00€
7 04.03.22 50.00 € 50.00 € 6,259.36 € cash
Refueling in Ukraine 748.60 lei about 30 liters
8 04.03.22 30.00 € 30.00 € 6,229.36 € cash
Metro Chernivtsi 15779.77 hryvs. Exchange rate: 34.3 9 04.04.22 460.05 € 460.05 € 5,769.31 € cash
Metro Chernivtsi 15474.90 hryvson 10 04.04.22 451.16 € 451.16 € 5,318.15 € cash
Metro Chernivtsi 16720.75 hryvson
11 04.04.22 487.49 € 487.49 € 4,830.66 € cash
Metro Chernivtsi 2250.80 hryvsons
12 04.04.22 65.68 € 65.68 € 4,764.98 € cash
Metro Chernivtsi 1982.06 Grivson
13 04.04.22 1,223.97 € 1,223.97 € 3,541.01 € cash
Metro Chernivtsi 15567.36 Grivson
14 04.04.22 453.54 € 453.54 € 3,087.47 € cash
Metro Chernivtsi 15474.90 hryvson
15 04.04.22 306.79 € 306.79 € 2,780.68 € cash
Cash disbursement to the Ark of Rescue church against receipt
17 04.04.22 87.46 € 87.46 € 2,693.22 € cash
Restaurant visit in Metro for 5 people 2225 Griwson, remainder paid by Boris. UK-currency was then depleted. no receipt 04,04.22 64.86 € 63.86 € 2,629.36 € cash
100.00 to Boris for gas (included in receipt 18) 18 04.04.22 100.00 € 100.00 € 2,529.36 € cash
Cash disbursement to Pastor Vitali Zhurik, Baptist Church 19 04.04.22 1,500.00 € 1,500.00 € 1,029.36 € cash
Cash disbursement to Costia in Suceava, Romania on the way back. For refugee shelter renovation. 20 04.04.22 500.00 € 500.00 € 529.36 € cash
Refuel Romania 45.77 RON
21 05.04.22 90.20 € 90.20 € 439.16 € cash
Meal with refugee family at rest stop, 6 Ukr. pers.+children plus 3 Euro tip
22 04.04.22 66.44 € 66.44 € 372.72 € cash
Refuel return Ungarn 29399 Ft. 23 04.05.22 90.46 € 90.46 € 282.26 € cash
Refuel return Hungary 29399 Ft.
24 04.05.22 142.56 € 142.56 € 139.70 € cash
Fill-up on arrival in Aalen (Konstantin's car was full at departure)
25 04.05:22 48.40 € 48.40 € 91.30 € cash
Cash subtotal     7,771.56 € 7,908,70 € 91.30 € cash
The balance of 91.30 returned to the Life-Project account
Hartmann Company, purchase of Bandages R.-No. 6463048062
   03.30.22 1,010.18 € 1,202.11 €    
Brosch LPDE 60 liter bags Item no. 2203-02354
   03.31.22 120.00 € 142.80 €    
Subtotal invoice purchase
    1,130.18 € 1,344.91 €    
Total outlay for this trip
        9,253.61 €  
For Metro  (grocery store) in Ukraine: exchanged 3,600.00 €
      3,600.00 €    


Thank you to all donors for your prayers and donations!

The next relief supply trip will take place again as soon as there are enough funds, which we sincerely ask you for.
We will also update you as soon as we have further feedback from our brethren in Ukraine.

For the accuracy of the information: Life-Project e.V. Gert Pohl, April 15, 2022