Donation status April 27, 2022 for the coming aid delivery on 5th of May 2022

Dear brothers and sisters, friends,

Thanks to you all. Our donation account status as of today is 8,037.03 euros.

We still need about €2000.00 by the end of next week to reach our goal of €10,000.00. For hemostatic wound dressings and for 100 tourniquets (these are devices that can be operated with one hand to tie off limbs) that we will purchase in Germany. We have a request for these items from our Ukrainian churches, who are regularly getting supplies to the soldiers.
In addition to the above we will again buy groceries and hygiene articles directly in Ukraine at lower prices.

Donation account: Life-project e.V.  VR-Bank Aalen Germany 
IBAN: DE40 6149 0150 0024 4140 00

Thank you for praying
All glory to HIM