12/05/22 - Gert Pohl

Travel report on the delivery of aid to Kyiv and Anadoly from 05/06/22 to 05/11/22

Dear brothers and sisters, prayers and friends,

This morning at around 2 a.m. we arrived exhausted after a 28-hour drive, but all happy and blessed, back in Aalen with the Mercedes Sprinter.

This time we were able to directly support the distribution of food to many people in Kyiv with our food and other necessities. Now I have to upload and sort all the pictures. I'll try that shortly, finish my report on it and publish it on this blog. We also had the privilege of driving with 3 officers from the Ukrainian police in their police vehicle to the still closed crisis area of Irpin, which was liberated from the Russian occupation by the Ukrainian military. We took pictures there and were able to talk personally to a survivor from this suburb, which in large parts was really completely destroyed.
Each of us, including Boris and Wlodimir, our two brothers from the Ukraine, is very moved by the sight of violence, murder and destruction, and it will take me at least some time to mentally process these experiences.

However, we not only experienced preservation, but also very emotional moments of encounters with people at the distribution points. Christian communities in Kyiv, with the support of the authorities, are given space to distribute aid packages to the many people in need. Here, almost every day (if enough relief supplies come together), needy people who are without belongings, whose houses have been bombed, or who have to be taken care of coming from the war zones, are provided with the most necessary things. At this collection point alone, an average of 300 people receive food parcels and clothing, as well as other materials. Every day. At the same time, the gospel is distributed here by preachers and evangelists in the form of short prayers and book tables. Our groceries and the Gideon Bibles with the New Testament and Psalms in Ukrainian that we brought with us quickly found interested recipients here.

We sent our torniquets to an organization in Kyiv, which transported them directly to the active combat areas of Luhansk and Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine.

I'll try to upload a full report with pictures by tomorrow (Friday) evening.

We are still overwhelmed by the doors that God has opened for us here and will report in detail later. First of all, we would like to thank the many people who prayed for us and who made this help possible in the first place through your donations. We can now say with a clear conscience: Your donations have arrived directly.

Schaut bitte selbst in den nächsten Tagen in diesem Blog ...

Glory to the LORD alone!